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In Florida a Notary Public is a state public officer that is appointed by the Governor but becoming a Florida Notary is not difficult. The state of Florida has moved many services online including Notary education and renewal. This means if you want to become a Florida Notary you can now complete all your requirements online.

If you are 18 years old and a Florida Resident you can complete an online course for just $99 and become a Florida Notary.

$99 Notary Course - Signup and Get Started
With this state required and approved course you can perform your Notary duties in all 67 counties in Florida.

Become a Notary

Florida Notary Class - $99

  • State of Florida Required Course
  • All Online
  • Notary Stamp - included
  • $7,500 Bond - included
  • state filing fee - included
  • notary log book - included

Being a Florida notary may help you get a job with government or the many companies who need a notary as part of their daily business. Learn more about becoming a Florida Notary.

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Notary Renewal

Renew Notary Commission - $99

If you are a Florida Notary you must renew your Notary commission every 4 years.

Renewing notaries are not required to take the Florida 3 hour notary course.

To renew your notary commission you complete an online registration with a Florida bonding agency.

Renew Your Notary Commission

Florida Notary FAQ

As a new Notary or an existing Notary there are many questions - here are the answers.

Example: What should you do if you lose your Notary Seal?

If your Florida Notary Seal is lost or stolen you must report it the Department of State and order a new seal from your bonding agency

For more answers to common Florida Notary questions read our FAQ