Renew Your Florida Notary Commission

Florida Notary Renewal is required every 4 years. As a Notary in Florida your commission expires every 4 years. You fill in your initial applicaiton but you are not required to complete the notary education.

The cost of Florida Notary Renewal is $99 - Renew Your Notary Commission

Note that the State of Florida will NOT notify you that your Notary Commission has expired. It is up to you to know your renewal date.

The Notary Renewal Process in Florida

Facts about Florida Notary Renewal

  1. Renewal must be done every 4 years
  2. The Notary application form is exactly the same as the new Notary application
  3. You must supply all required information
  4. Continue using your current Florida Notary Seal through the end of your current commission
  5. Do not use your new Notary Seal until the first day of your new commission

The Notary Renewal process in Florida is very simple. You answer a series of questions about yourself, which fills in the necessary forms for you. Then you print out the forms, sign them, and mail them in.

If your Florida Notary renewal will require special review by the Governors office then you should submit your application 2 months before the end of your current commission.

Keep Your Notary Information Current

As a Florida Notary you must keep your address and phone numbers current. You can easily update your Notary Information with an online form.

You must remain a Florida Resident to maintain your Florida Notary Commission. If you move out of Florida you must resign your Notary Commission in writing to the Governors office

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